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Is Teal Blue or Green?

As a female who came of age in the early 90’s when teal was at the height of it’s popularity. My wedding colors in 1992…you guessed it…black, teal and pink, so I feel I can answer this question. So the answer is, it can be both.:grin: My wedding teal, was teal blue, so just a bit more blue in the ratio of blue to green. And the converse is the same, just slightly more green in the blue to green gives you teal green. It’s a subtle difference, but definitely a difference.
In the picture, you have both present.

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Hey @Brandyk73 - nice answer.
Very practically answered and thanks for the feedback. What an experienced you have share, this has been very helpful to us. Its amazing to know that teal towards was still the preference compared to the teal towards 50-50, especially by you. I guess it all comes down to personal choices. Anyways we also published an article here, please do read and share with your friends and family on social media channels!
Have a good read! Its very interesting!

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I always say both.

Teal Blue = Green Blue
Here is a gem that I have that is Teal Blue:

Teal Green = Blue Green
Here is a gem that I have that is Teal Green:


Thanks @Skyjems for the links with examples. I always feel that there is a very thin line between the real teals which should be as close to 50-50 blue green as possible. Sometimes the blue sapphires with a bit of grey are sold as teal sapphires, and sometimes the green sapphires with a bit of yellow are sold as teal sapphire. There is really no definition, but have a look at this color chart that explains it.

Thanks for your views! We are loving hearing about peoples opinions about these teal sapphires.


Teal is the color a nice and perfect Alexandrite has to show under natural light.