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Is it biocolor Emerald


can we call this biocolor emerald this is from pakistan


Emerald is, and can only be green by definition. What you have is best described as bi-color yellow green beryl. (assuming I see the colors correctly)


do you think it’s worth same like emerald ?I have listed this on my eBay on 1500$ do you think it’s a fair price ?


No. It would be valued similar to aquamarine or goshenite due to the low color tone at best. Looking at seems to suggest that the value of the stone would be 100-300 dollars.


dear friend thank you for your guidance o. this stone… I have check the link that you send to me that something very different things they are lime green in color . but what I have is emerald color and if I cut it the color well be mix in all stone…



Your link to ebay does not work on my computer. As I see the color of this stone on my monitor, it is a light blue with a bit of gray and green in it, maybe “slightly greenish blue” with a slight gray modifier. As such, if it is beryl, it is aquamarine. Rather than call it bicolor, I would call it zoned blue aqua. If it is actually clear in one part, perhaps you could call it bicolor aqua, but it isn’t a particularly sought after bicolor, being clear and greenish blue. You don’t give a weight for the stone, but by the scale of the fingers, I’d say it’s 5 grams or so. If it is clean, maybe $20/gm, but that is just a guess. You can call it anything you want on ebay, and maybe somebody will bite, but I’d suspect it’s worth in the $10 to $25/gram range.


my eBay is

it’s color zoned emerald the color is not like aquamarine…

thank you for your comments and suggestions