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Is anyone based in Bangkok?


Does anyone live in Bangkok or work around there?
I have booked a trip for January 2018 and will be in Bangkok from 4th-8th and Chanthaburi 8th-15th.
Would love to meet some of you in the gem industry and see how you work.


Hi Will,

I’m in Phnom Penh but it’s a bit far for you lol

But whilst in Bangkok make sure you visit all the gem dealers and suppliers of stones as well as hardware on the river end of Silom road and the surrounding streets. Plenty for you to look at or purchase.
My advice is maybe contact the GIA school where people do the courses for gemmology. They might be able to put you in touch with some people.




Thanks Paul.
I will definitely check it out


Hello Will,
As Paul says Silom road is the place to go in Bangkok to buy or see gemstones, maybe more specifically JTC the Jewelry Trade Center at the bottom of Silom. You might want to contact Simon from I am sure he can help.


Will, you will have to definitely have to look up my friend Arshad Arub at Millenium Color Gems. He is at the Jewelry Trade Center in Bangkok. He is a super person and is extremely knowledgeable. And of course the best deals on gems.




I am based in Pattaya and go to Chantaburi every two weeks I would suggest you to change your stay dates in Chantaburi since the gems market starts on friday (11 am to 5 pm) and closes on sunday noon . and between thiis there is not much to do there.
Check the calandar and plan two stays on friday saturday in Chantaburi which is more than enough to see what is to be seen there an will allow you to collect your jewels and cut stones if you ever decide to do some.
Feel free to ask any question


Thanks for the advice Pierre
I have just changed my hotel bookings so that I am not in CHANTHABURI for too long, just the weekend. However I may return after traveling into Cambodia


Hello will,

Yeah. I will visit Bangkok in January. I’ll stay near JTC. And will visit chandaburi. I visit every month. Hope to meet you there.

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Hi poul i am looking for food agent in bangkok can you recomend ine i am rough dealer


Hi. Any particular rough you are looking for? Or are you after anything? Do you use eBay? I get a lot of stone from kk p28 on eBay. Very reliable and wide range of stones. Contact them via eBay


Hey guys

This post is old, but if in the near future Mr Will, if you or someone else wants to get some information on the Bangkok and Chantaburi gem market, then remember Navneet Gems (or me Chris) and come around. we will help you with guidance.