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Investing In Gemstones

I know that there are a lot of people on here who do indeed invest in gems ‘for fun and profit’ :slight_smile:

Here is a link to some info and a couple of videos I did on the subject:



Great information David. Thanks for creating and sharing.

Nice video! I like how you talk about “hope” for selling. I think it sums it up, its all about the liquidity. And yes true on diversification of gemstones - but 10% is still very high. I would say 1% is a better number but there is no real correct answer. This 1% has to be in gem grade gemstones, especially the big 3 which we cover in the below video.

We had also interviewed Mr Jeffery Bergman and he spoke about investment in gemstones and here it is:

Hope it helps,
Navneet Gems

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Thanks Navneet! That’s awesome!

I do have to disagree with you regarding percentage of the portfolio in gems, 1% would only be $2000 of a $200k portfolio, which is more or less as good as 0%, and not really worth bothering with because of the work involved in selling $2000 of the portfolio.

10% is definitely high, but that’s why I say to start there, and then add every year or two at 5%. Ideally, someone’s income is going to grow over ten years, so if 10% = $5k today, and people continue at 5% a year afterwards, the numbers should be something like: $5k today/$2500 next year/$3000 the following year/$3500 year after/$4000 year after etc.

As for gem quality, I usually give the same advice about fine quality gems, HOWEVER… With the advent of the internet and sites like gemrockauctions/ebay/etsy etc, a lot of hobbyists are buying lower value commercial quality material and doing very well with it. I don’t really advocate this, but I get a big fat smile across my face when I see people doing this as it’s a bit of a subversion of ‘the old way’ of doing things. :wink:


Definitely alot of people are buying rough in the commercial and online websites which sell roughs directly from the sources - as things become more transparent the sources are open and smaller miners are connected with smaller buyers who keep trying to cut and polish. And that is actually when alot of them send the rough to us for our gemstone lapidary services.

Well, we can talk about investment all day - but one thing that is really sticking out of my mind are spinels - their value and ROI has been the highest for those that got in the market in the earlier stages. Now, well, we still get some rough from Burma, but now everything stopped, all rough production and shipments stopped, so we are sitting with our hands tight just waiting for things to move.

Jeffery also talks about emeralds from Ethiopia! You should check it out, also sapphires from Ethiopia.

On another note: compare gold with fine spinels, fine sapphires, fine emeralds - the answers are clear: Gold over time

@Skyjems - David lets connect together for a private chat, kindly provide your email. We could do something together to educate the world…and in fact I have been doing that with the use of infographics:

Navneet Gems


Thank you for sharing Navneetgems

My quote from the interview: " I’m an advocate of consumers considering the money that they spend as not a traditional investment like gold, silver, platinum, or stocks and bonds which have liquidity, virtually instant liquidity, or real estate, you can get a mortgage and borrow money from the bank on your real estate investment. But they’re an investment in a gift of love, they’re an investment that you’re going to give to your loved ones that can possibly be passed down for generations. But for the average consumer, they should never think that they’re buying a piece of jewelry or gemstone with the thought that a few years down the road, they’re going to be able to resell it and make a profit. That should never be taken into consideration. And it should never be a marketing pitch as far as I’m concerned." – Jeffery Bergman

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You will get no disagreement from me! :slight_smile: