International gem trade

Anyone buy gems or jewelry from overseas? Which country is more likely to peddle counterfeit stones/jewelry Japan or China? What kind of stones are counterfeited most often?

I buy them overseas all the time and it’s pretty easy to tell whats real and what’s fake If you just take your time and research before hand.
India sells fake gems they try to pass off as real more then every other place that I’ve witnessed.
As for what they sell I’d say it’s emeralds,sapphires and alexandrite but they even sell a ton of fake ,amethyst,peridot and even topaz.
They are the lowest quality gems I have ever seen and They even sell them with fake certificates. I’ve got a few that were just laminated regular paper that was so uneven it looked like it was cut buy a 4 year old.

Thank you for the advice and I have free tip:
A man by the name of Zhu Yinmei deals in fake Opals he tries to pass off as the real thing on ebay. His profile name is miumiu7011 his mailing address is

022-ny Rm-201 No-7 Lane 555 Lian Ming Rd. Qi. Bao, Min Hang, Puto. Shanghai, Shanghai China, 201101 (1970649)

The creep actually thought he could pass off Slocum as genuine fire opal and then had the nerve to bill me for two orders and the second one never came! Beware this one as he can not be trusted to sell much of anything fairly.

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