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Information on stones

Could anyone help me with information on some stones I have. I can’t seem to get any info on them. I have many and will do one at a time. Thanks

If anything on my end is needed please let me know.

Without knowing the hardness just guessing but reminds me of siliceous hotspring deposits I’ve seen in Nevada. Bladed texture in some of the photos is similar to bladed quartz texture in some of the deposits (original blades of carbonate replaced by quartz).

O wow, that is very intriguing , I will try and do more research on your info, it’s all new to me, I did hear that it might be Corel, I did find it by a old silver mine, and in owyhee Mt. In Idaho, it was on top of ground, . The area has volcanic traces from millions of years ago. When I get the cutt smoothed out I will send you a photo of you would like and show crystals that have grown inside. Thanks again for your input.