Indicolite 22.54 carat / no Treat

Hi there,

I offer a spectacular Indicolite Tourmaline . Origin is determined on IGI -Certificate . But I bought it by my Nigerian Source . The Gemstone is cut by 125 carat rough stone by a Well known Artist in Business. ( Left is a very beautiful piece of 22.54 carat ! No one I guess , could get more Jewel of this Collectable Indicolite even . Piece is rare as 22.54 carat . There is a thin white line on the side of the stone which is cut of the inside of the rough stone .Pictures of certificate and Gemstone following . Wait your respectful offers. Video available .

I sm Gem Enthusiast for 4 years now. Buying , selling , learning !

Amount After agreement of both sides , is in best case transferred by Bank Account . Available in Munich ,Bavaria Germany. Mobile : +49 15118948250

Best Wishes Murat

Delivery is by Malca Amit or any Delivery Service for sending Valuables that you prefer . Price per carat on request please !