Indian ruby value

hi what is the value of a 4.1 oz translucent indian ruby? I got one from etsy a while back. I know they don’t go for allot. just wondered if they are expected to go up in va


Hi Jennifer,

Your specimen exhibits good hexagonal cross-section that some collectors may have keen interest in.

There are several sites like this one that you should take a look at and compare notes with.

With the different stone characteristics they have in inventory, they are selling from $0.40 to over $1.00 per carat. (at the time of my search).

1 ounce = 141.478 carats. Your specimen: 4.1oz = 581.165 carats

Your stone could have a price range from $232 - $581, if it meets their evaluation methods.

Keep in mind, it is unclear to me how they evaluate the pricing scale and what scoring methods they are using, so I am not sure if this is an accurate price range for your stone.