Incandescent Light

With the push to go to CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) bulbs in the US, what is everybody doing or planning to do for incandescent light sources?


duane, I have the same issue-most of the gems i have play in daylight & incandescent light so my source is an old flashlight w/extra bulbs, candles & some incand bulbs are still avail. at the marts. Im sure new bulbs will be configured for the old light wave of the incand. bulbs-ck ebay-the source is still out there, u just have to look a little harder. Im using my new toilet targets from the present in office to help vent my anger-m76steve…

Steve, I can still get 60W and below incandescent here, but the government is phasing them out. Over 60W went this year, under 60W will follow soon. I’m thinking I should stock up on a few 60s while I still can and hope for another option in the future.


I am not a light bulb expert but I have noticed they are coming out with fluorescent bulbs that are supposed to have the same light quality as incandescent. Home Depot has a set up with 3 of them next to each other, lit, so you can see the difference. Not sure with the inherent flicker of the fluorescent if that will solve the problem though.
I was not aware they were phasing them out since I use 60 watt almost exclusively, finding higher wattage too bright for most things (I just add more lamps for more light). I think becoming a light bulb hoarder might not be a bad idea, though Home Depot also has an assortment of different watt bulbs on hand all the time and it does not seem they will stop selling them soon.
Whatever happens, I am sure they will always be available, either at your hardware store at a very high cost, or this industry will come up with some kind of lighting gadget that will do the trick.

dianacap, this is not a slap at u, but u seem to be one of the uniformed as to what the govt is telling u, u cant use anymore. incandecent lights r slowly being removed by the govt, CFL, flourescent lights they r pushing do more damage to the earth than u can imagine because of the high mercury content in the tubes, even says so on the containers they come in. nuff said-m76steve…

I don’t “seem to be” one of the uninformed, I even said in my post I was unaware they were doing that. I know the damage they do, I know the mercury content, I know the flicker can cause many things from panic attacks to seizures. But these were not the issues and I did not think a dissertation on my knowledge of lights was in order. I simply suggested a solution to a problem.

I started using this LED bulb for faceting and rough examination. it seems to have fairly true color and no artifacts. Lemonbest® 9W Dimmable PAR20 LED Light Bulb Flood E27 Base Cool White 6000K

dianacap, let me appologise for going off, we dont know each other & i was certainly not trying to go off on u or think u dont really know whats going on with govt regs. I do get a little carried away because ive followed issues from the start. About lights, there is a new game in town, Friendly Light co., they have reinvented the incandecent light, per them, & this new teck, is something newer than led & cfls. They r saying they use a copper wire instead of the tungston filament of yore. Go figure, as time goes on the incandecent may b reinvented for the better & i will be in line for it. Feel free to unload on me at any time if u think im out of line, only here to inform if possible-m76steve…

OK gang, After some research here’s what I found. m76steve is right about the company makes a new incandescent bulb. They run around $3 a bulb and say they last 7 years.
I’ve also found that Quartz Halogen bulbs work well for spectroscopes etc. My next thing I want to check is LED. I have a few in my home and have noticed my color change stones react like they are in incandescent light when near some of them.

So, it appears there are some options for us that will be around even after our government mandate tries to take them away.

Happy gemming everybody,

Hey, no harm no foul. I was cursed at birth, I am a thin skinned Italian/Irish so not only so I take EVERYTHING too personally, I dish it out myself too quickly. Issue over as far as I am concerned.

I apologize if my posting is in the wrong place I have never been on a forum before.
I only have one comment about the “new” incandescent bulbs that are coming out. I seem to remember in one of my history books (the for fun kind not the gruel they serve in school) and I believe the original light bulb DID last 7 years, but the were mass-produced to burn out faster so we would have to buy more of them. Just a factoid.

I am going to Home Depot or Lowe’s and snatching up all I can.

Thanks for the research, Duane, I know what Santa is bringing me for Christmas lol.

Steve I hope my reply got to you, I am new to forums and not sure what I am doing but basically, no harm no foul, we are good, and thanks for the gentlemanly apology, you do not see that often anymore.

Easy to find at the dollar stores where I live…3/$1(60W) 2/$1(100W) both long-life.

Let’s all calm down, and behave like grown-ups. Flashlights using incandescent bulbs are still with us. Those of us who are pack-rats could stock up on bulbs for our flashlights. In addition, 50-100-150 incandescents will still be available. (I did stock up on those.) While we’re on the subject-- what about LED’s. What effect do they have on gemstone color? Has anyone done any hands-on research on this?

I have been using LED, incandescent and fluorescent bulbs and have found LEDs give a light very similar to a noon daylight. Its seems to give a very crisp, colorless light, if maybe on the blue side…like a winter sun. Again, this is just a comparison I have noticed casually, not the gospel on this.

Hi Guys - Trev Here
As for lighting I agree with the use of incandescent lamps. I find the new 28Watt Quartz Halogen are perfect and are not being fazed out. They are equivalent to the stnd 40watt which you can’t buy anymore. As for LED’s I find that the clear white are the best, however, they do not beat the 28Watt quartz ones.
Remember - You do not need a very bright light for faceting. Besides blinding your eyes, you cannot see the scratches. The lower wattage ones are the best, hence the 28Watt Qurtz (halogen).

Regards Trev

Hi everyone. I read all the current responses and all are good ideas and suggestions. I may have been reading too quickly but still the main issue I have with various types of lighting is the emitted light spectrum. It’s been maybe 2 years since I did any research but I never did find a bulb that emitted the full spectrum. Not to say there isn’t one, I just never found it and would like to hear if anyone else has.

Someone mentioned the mercury issue with some bulbs. Like with batteries, there are places to recycle cfl’s. While a little inconvenient, I save them up until I am going to or close to a location that will take them.

Wishing you all a good day!