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Importing Semi Precious Strands of Beads


I am a brand new member and I really appreciate the large amount of interesting learning material and articles available to members!

I have a question:
I would like to purchase bulk strands of semi precious beads directly from manufacturing companies. I am looking for beads such as: Amethyst, Pearls, Jasper, Lapis Lazuli, Chrysocolla, Quartz, Turquoise, Garnet and Larimar, etc. and other semi precious beads as well.
I would like to find more than one reputable Bead manufacturing company,so that I have a few choices if a company suddenly has a flood ( just happened ) and cannot finish making my order.
It would also be very helpful to find information that shows the appropriate selling price of semi precious beads to both retail customers and customers willing to purchase in larger quantities or bulk. I also understand that there are different prices for different grades; A, AA and AAA.

Any information would be very helpful and appreciated–
Thank You !


Give your email id and whats up no. shall try to help.


i can supply with chrome tourmaline beads.
please email me
or you may whatsapp me 00971502750088
looking forward



let me know if you are interested in rough lapis lazuli, we are miner of lapis lazuli from Afghanistan and based in Dubai. also we can supply emerald, spinel and ruby all rough.

you can contact me here, by email or by whatsApp 00971564081872





I deal in gemstones, and purchase my stock from liscensed miners across the globe. I mainly deal in Lapis Lazuli, mined from Badakhshan (Mine 4), Afghanistan. I can you send you sample pictures. If you are interested in purchasing best quality Lapis at reasonable prices, you may contact me by email:, or




I can supply you natural Ceylon garnets of all formats and please kindly let me know specifications.


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Hello! May I have you e-mail, i probably can help supplying. My e-mail is: