Imperial topaz vs. orange brown topaz

Can someone tell me if this large 76.4 ct topaz is imperial topaz or not.
If unsure can you recommend a name or company I should contact to find out.



Hi Chris, you can go into the IGS reference library and look at Topaz there, also there is a related article under Topaz “Topaz buying Guide” further info is there.

Also if you want to reference further if you go onto the GIA website and type in Topaz on the search engine you can get plenty of info on Imperial Topaz and all other topaz


Your a true credit to the trade. Always trying to help and I really appreciate it, This topaz is right on the boarder between imperial and orange brownish. I have seen many pics of imperial on line and the more I see the more uncertain I become. The fact that I want it to be imperial is probably clouding my judgement…what do you think it is ? Or who could.
I also wanted to thank you for your help on finding a tourmaline expert.
The links you sent me lead me to the tourmaline king himself Bruce Fry. He told me not only is it rare it’s even rarer do to the fact that out of the few color change he has seen none of them changed from redish orange to purple. He thinks it may be a museum piece…I will keep you posted - Chris

Hi Chris I appreciate that thanks.
I have attached a word doc and some extracts, the photo of an imperial Topaz at the top, I believe was what they originally classed the colour as but now it seems as long as it is either pink, orange, red or purplish they deem it to be imperial
yours seems to be light pinkish with a reddish hue??? I would say it could be classed now days as imperial. But at the end of the day it all depends on the person appraising it, you could go to 3 different appraisers and get 2 or 3 different answers
regards Syd

Thanks Syd. I appreciate your perseverance and help on this matter.