Imperial Topaz? Pink?


I just received a 43

ct rough topaz from a dealer in Pakistan where it was mined.

To me, the color is not red or brown enough to be called “imperial” but what would you call this?

It’s very pinkish with gold to me.

Colour in pictures can be tricky as the camera and lighting temp has to match to show the true colour. 5600 or 6000K for lights and camera set for daylight is typical for good colour rendition. That said, I feel Imperial might be on the money, a lovely piece and one I would love to have on a Dop!

Thank you for the confirmation. I know that often times a stone will cut a lot more saturated color than I had even imagined when it was rough. Depends on the skill of the cutter to be certain. Can turn a $1000 piece of rough into garbage or a $15,000 masterpiece.