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Immersion Liquid

The sapphire course mentioned using cinnamon oil. Anyone know where to find some? Amazon has therapeutic grade, but I don’t know if that’s the right stuff. TIA

Therapeutic grade is suitable for application to the skin (“external use”), which would be good, because if you’re immersing in it (the gems, that is!), it is likely to get on your skin (ask me how I know…LOL). Do be aware that the pure cinnamon oil can produce welts and actually burn the skin…it is usually diluted with a carrier oil when used for topical application. When I used it I would touch my hand to my face and get a red welt. Nothing serious, but YMMV, so be aware and try to keep it off your hands and face. I was immersing a whole parcel of peridot and examining for inclusions and did get some on hands and face. I don’t remember it bothering my hands, but do remember the welts on my cheeks. The cinnamon and cassia oils are really the highest RI oils you would want to fool with for immersion, because anything with a much higher RI is quite toxic. The typical “flaw finder” that faceters use is benzyl benzoate, which has a slightly lower RI, 1.568. It is used to treat scabies, but can also give you a skin rash. It may be a little cheaper than cinnamon oil, you’d have to check. HTH, royjohn

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I found it at I have a code for a discount if you would like one, just message me. Don’t get cinnamon bark oil because it is not quite clear.
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