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IGS in Tucson?

Any IGS events in Tucson? Meet ups etc? It’s not too hard to find people who love gems to chat with, but, it would be lovely to put some faces to names.

Yes such a grate Idea
I would love to meet up
As you mention would be amazing put Names to the faces
Maybe we should have somewhere designated place to meet up
That would absolutely wonderful
I flying in from UK
With best wishes

That would be neat. I get there Feb3. Last year everyone was gone when I got there for the mineral show. Years prior there was a better overlap with my schedule. I’m going a week earlier to catch more of the gem shows again. I’m into both aspects. I’d say let’s see if anyone else pipes up and we can post a target time to meet at IGS booth.

Hi Dave
That would be so cool to catch up
I be arriving on Feb 4th
Feel free to contact me on what all
Best wishes

All members visiting Tucson are welcome to join IGS Vice President, Emeritus, Jeffery Bergman in celebrating 50 years in the gem trade at Gemology Worldwide’s 5th annual Tucson Meet & Greet on Monday February 3rd from 17:30-21:30, Salud Lobby Lounge at JW Marriott Starr Pass Resort, 3800 W Starr Pass Blvd, Tucson, Arizona 85745

That is simultaneously one of the worst, yet one of the best flyers I have ever seen in my life! LOLOL!

See you there!