IGS Classes

I’m a hobbyist so the IGS classes sound perfect for me. I don’t really need the certification at this time though. Can anybody tell me as a gold member can you take the courses without the certification costs?

My other question is how did everybody like the course and how does it compare to IGA and ISG?


Yes you can take all of the courses you like as a Gold member. Considering that being a Gold Member averages out to less than $5.00 a month (The price of a cup of coffee at Starbucks) this is a wonderful deal. If you decide after taking all of the classes you want to test out and be certified, simply hit the button, pay the fee, and take the tests. I like the idea that the study stones come to you via mail, if you decide to keep them you can or send them back and be refunded the $50.00.
I haven’t taken any courses from IGA or ISG so I can’t offer any comparison. Do your research and see what falls into your comfort zone. I personally like self study classes. Considering the vast amount of accurate resources available here I find it a good choice for me

I’ve started taking some of the classes here. They are well structured and easy to follow, but not overly simplified. I needed a challenge in my life for the summer and these courses fit right in! I’ve always loved rocks and gems, always wanted to learn and expand my hobby. I honestly doubt I would need to be “certified” but hey, you never know! I find that the knowledge that I obtain is well worth the effort. I really would rather spend tuition money on specimens and instruments at this time. I think the Gold membership is a “BARGAIN” considering the information.

Thanks everybody! I’m now a member and have started taking the classes. I hope to see you all on the forums.