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Identifying Red Coral

Hello. I am a fairly recent jewelry and gem hobbyist, collector and reseller and have come across a necklace that I need help identifying. My local GIA jeweler doesn’t see coral often and suggested I pursue a more experienced assessment/appraisal. I reached out to this group seeking direction or a referral and it was suggested I try the forum. I decided posting here might be a good first step.
I have identified this 60” strand as best I can with my limited expertise and I believe it to be red coral. It is not dyed as evidenced by acetone testing. I am providing photos including ones taken with a digital microscope in the hopes that this group can tell me if I am on the right track. If so I would then look for an experienced appraiser in my area.
I would appreciate any and all thoughts. Thank you.

It looks like Coral to me, but I haven’t worked with coral for over 15 years.

You can’t ship it across most borders.

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Thank you.

I have stopped working with coral a long time ago. In 1981 in a small fishermen village, near Trincomalee/Sri Lanka, the local leader was telling me how the sea had “eaten” 200 meters of beach and coconut trees plantation after they had dynamited the coral reef. Result: No more coral, no more fish, no more beach & no more coconuts. Imho, Coral should be outlawed, as ivory.

Thank you and I don’t disagree with you whatsoever. I came across a Strand of Ivory Beads last year and once I confirmed what they were I buried them. I have no interest in amplifying unsustainable or illicit practices. I’m just trying to figure out what I have.