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Identifying a green stone


I want to identify this green stone that was set in a 18k gold pendant. It was purchased about 25 years ago. I had assumed it was peridot but am not positive.


Just for more info. It appears to be natural, eye clean but contains very slight inclusions viwed at 10x. It weighs at 1.2 grams and is 15x12x8 mm


One more bit, if i have done it correctly, sg is 2.6


With a Chelsea filter and a Dichoscope, you should be able to determine in short order if it is Peridot or something else


sg is too low for peridot. Peridot is in the 3+ range. Quartz and beryl are about 2.6.


Ok, thank you. What further srep to narrow down the possibilities?


Looks like a poorly cut prasiolite, which is green quartz. The S.G. would also match that as well.


I am going to second on the likelihood that the stone is green quartz. Green quartz has also been called “green amethyst” by some TV gem/jewelry shows, and this is due to gem manufacturers heating poorly colored amethysts, and instead of taking on a more desirable purple color, they turn a greenish shade instead. So, to avoid/reduce losses, the companies market the stones as green amethyst.


It does not look like peridot. I do not think anyone was cutting and producing prasiolite 25 years ago. Since you took the stone out of the setting, did you get an RI reading, which would give you the best information. what did the inclusions look like. Are all those white spots bubbles- if so, could be glass.


From reading all the clues in the discussion, it might be a green beryl.


The spots are dust or something i didnt clean off well. It seems to be either treated or nearly eye clean. It has a rutile like inclusion, no bubbles.


I dont have a refractometer nor know how to use one yet. Thank you for alk of the helpful responses!


may be spodumene???