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Identify this gem for me, please


So I bid and won on this rock about a year ago on from what looked to be a decent, reputable seller.

Received it, stored it away and haven’t given it much thought until, as of late, I couldn’t name what I was looking at…

I had thoughts of it may being lithium-based Spodumene, like Kunzite (pink) but in this case, Hiddenite (green)?

Although, I am still quite a noob at this trade…

Please let me know your thoughts and opinions.

Thank you for your time, and stay beautiful.


Have you checked thr r.i. ? Could be a fluorite from yhe look of it but you can never be sure until tested.


Hard to tell without testing. There are a few gems that can show colors like your stone. It could be from the Beryl group (Aquamarine) or maybe
Tourmaline, or Hiddenite.




could be most anything–even glass! Need to know specific gravity, double or single refraction, refractive index–That would at least let you narrow it down. Microscopic view of inclusions can help too.


I think it is very close to aquamarine


Hi Joshua, i though maybe, perhaps could it be a Paraiba Tourmaline from Brazil?:sunglasses::coffee:


If you won it from gemrockauction. Go back into your account and look at the “wins”. There you will find a list of everything you won.
You could also check your emails to see if the hiding you did is still available


So yeah, that’s what I did initially and it was listed as Spodumene

But if that’s the case, not bad for $1 …lol


It is a Spodumene. It’s heated to look like a Hiddenite. I also have one. It’s a good cut and has a pretty sparkle for jewelry. I didn’t think it was worth enough to keep it for investment.


Could well be irradiated, which have a tendency to color-fade, hence the huge difference in color between the item in the sales listing and the item once received in your hand.




Hi there
Nice stone have you checked the hardness yet if not you can try scratching glass unless you have a corrundum scratch plate and you could check the sg. This will help give you a good start hopefully this helps. Let me know and will go from there