Identify Help Dark Red and purple Stones

Hello Dear

I got some crystals and need help to identify this stones , they scratch on agate and hardness is above 7 . They look very beautiful dark red and purple red like photos.
Please help me to identify them and their value.


Most likely garnet


Impossible to absolutely correctly ID these without more info. If you are correct in your assessment that they are above 7 in hardness, then, yes, as jbergman said, probably garnet. These look too small (nothing in photo for scale, so not completely sure) to be worth a lot and most too dark to facet, so not worth a lot. -royjohn

This is Rhodolite Garnet

This is garnet, not ruby. The clue is the host rock that is on some of the stones. A few of them could be faceted but, like royjohn said, why would you want to. Unless, like me sometimes, one wants to just see if you can facet such a small stone! The whole batch of stones may only be worth a couple of $$.
One thing small stones like that are good for is use them for making inlay.

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