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Identify gemstone


Hi , get this stone in Montepuez Mozambique , could someone help me identify if they are natural

Ruby or Synthetic ruby , and the blue stone?. Regards


It just isn’t possible to ID a gem or differentiate natural from synthetic by a picture. You’ll have to take these to a gemologist for ID. While some of the “blue stones” do have a hexagonal cross section like aqua crystals, a synthetic can be worked to look natural and people will do it. Bear in mind that a parcel can be salted with some synthetics while other stones are natural…every stone will have to be examined to some degree.


I got this report , but they didn’t give me more details , just because they can find growth origin.
Could be Ruby from Mozambique .


Whrong report . Sorry



Right report to the stone in discussion.


Synthetic ruby rough looking like natural sold in Montepuez, Mozambique is a sad but common scam.