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Identification of stone

Hi fellows, i dont know about this gems stone . Its come from the Topaz mine where aquamarine and morganite crystals are also found .Could some one help me identify this stone .

If it is around a 3 hardness it’s probably some form of calcite.


Have you done ANY testing??? Identifying any stone simply by looking at it is a long shot!!!
Country of origin, locality.

Perfect rhombohedral cleavage suggests calcite

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I dont this its calcite , im asking about the stone which have red colour

Not done any testing its comes from Afghanistan

The first thing I would do would be to figure out whether it’s Beryl or Topaz. Or neither. Refractive index would do it, although it may have to be a spot RI if there are no flat surfaces. Looks like it has cleavage planes, which might indicate Topaz. I can’t speak to the possibility of Calcite, could be, but start with the basic separations.

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I agree that RI testing is the way to go if you can do it. To me it most looks like Rhodochrosite, also rhombohedral but harder than calcite, but eliminating what you know is found in the area is a must.

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I was expecting Rhodochrosite but its not . Its more like a bery

Its hardness is 7

I may be way off the mark but I am thinking Kunzite

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If the hardness is around 7, I’m thinking Pink Tourmaline (seems the most likely), Beryl or gemmy Rhodonite. It’s way too dark and reddish for it to be likely to be Spodumene (it’s rare for Kunzite to even be fully pink-hued without a purple tint, and reddish-pink rarely occurs), even if the hardness is similar. Have you been able to get an RI or a SG for it at all?

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hi a couple of Natural Kuzite crystals from my collection
Also if the original photo is a crystal it certainly does not look like a trigonal shape