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Identification of “Blue John” fluorite

A relatively rare type of striped, or banded, fluorite is the Blue John Fluorite found in the Blue John and Treak Cliff caverns in England.

A customer has bought us a ring which they believe has a Blue John centre stone.

We are not familiar at all with this mineral and wondered if anyone out there had any tips on how to identify the stone?

Hi my understanding of Blue John is generally translucent not transparent so not sure what you have there check out some of the images on the site below thanks

Hey SydP. Thanks for the reply. Are you identifying Blue John by sight only?

Yes but the stone in the ring of your photo looks like it is transparent so just thinking have not seen blue john anywhere that was transparent may be someone from that area may be able to give you more of an idea

Our profile picture is actually a Brazilian Amethyst. Ironically sometimes fluorites are misidentified as amethyst. :slight_smile:

sorry thought that was the stone you were talking about re blue john hope you get some info on it thanks.

Hi, as far as I know ‘Blue John’ term is used for flourites which show angular or curved color banding with colorless backgorund.

Personally, I don’t have a significant experience with them but I’ve seen some of this variety. And according to my observations I think you can identify it by its appearance.

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Thanks for that cemcelik.

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