Identification help

Please help me to identify those gems


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Hi there darling unfortunately there are very few tell tail sines here to be able to identify the gems corectly. All there natural markings and lines have bin polished away, along withe all the character lines and markings! you will have to try do a short video of them with some back lighting of sorts they are really dark, at this point they could be just about anything really.

Best regards Jarryed.

and again my apologies for not being able to help asap, but if we can get some light behind the subject and we can see some colour of any sort that will help us to help you.

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Thank you for your advice
I will definitely share better photos

Looks like jet - Whitby Jet: A Black Organic Gem, A Rock Similar to Coal

Can’t be certain from a picture but could be Shungite, Tourmaline, onyx or something dyed black. Theres too many variables unknown from just a picture.

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