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Identification help


Do you have any idea about these two? Both give Topaz reading from Presidium Duo Tester but I don’t think they are. Can they be glass-filled corundum?

Thank you

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Hi, the Red one looks ruby…and the other quite topaz. a shade of lemon topZ.

Yes, It’s looks like a Ruby, and BRAZILIAN LEMON CITRINE GEMSTONE,


Red one could be Ruby, Spinal, dyed or/and glass filed from crushed gems ?
looks like Ruby color, with inclusion and/or mixed with glass filled or Pyroxmangite or Rhodonite or Red Beryl as well. Have to test with the strength. This is a good piece for the exam…lol.

Yellow one I think it is Citrine as well.

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How does the red one respond to UV light? Even the “black light” used for checking $20 could be used.

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I think Ruby reflected to UV lights, a lot of time the photos I took came out very bright, the rubies look like artificial colors or dyed. Does any body else have experienced this? what kind of lighting would be good to take photographs of Rubies?

It could be a Rubylite, I think the stone is softer than scale 9, which is Ruby. really curious to know if you send out to GIA, please share with us. Thanks.