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Identification help


Do you have any idea about these two? Both give Topaz reading from Presidium Duo Tester but I don’t think they are. Can they be glass-filled corundum?

Thank you

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Hi, the Red one looks ruby…and the other quite topaz. a shade of lemon topZ.

Yes, It’s looks like a Ruby, and BRAZILIAN LEMON CITRINE GEMSTONE,


Red one could be Ruby, Spinal, dyed or/and glass filed from crushed gems ?
looks like Ruby color, with inclusion and/or mixed with glass filled or Pyroxmangite or Rhodonite or Red Beryl as well. Have to test with the strength. This is a good piece for the exam…lol.

Yellow one I think it is Citrine as well.

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How does the red one respond to UV light? Even the “black light” used for checking $20 could be used.

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