ID this stone please

Hi everyone! I apologize as I know this gets asked a lot. I bought a stone online and the price was definitely too good to be the proclaimed Alexandrite. However here is the color change for it. Pink in the sun, peridot inside l, honey under LED, and green under florescent lighting. It seems backwards for Alexandrite. Possibly Diaspore but it does glow red (not green for Diaspore)) under UV light. Thanks!

It looks like Zandrite, the JTV branded version of synthetic alexandrite. Zandrite® Color Change Green To Pink Avg 3.25ct 11x9mm Rectangular Octagonal Radiant Cut | JTV Auctions

I use my Zandrite as a color balance test to see which brand of LED light I might be working under. Different LED light brands have different color balances that Zandrite will pick up on. There is a green/reddish zandrite, and a purple/blue zandrite.

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Thanks for the reply. I would be ok with a synthetic version. This does seem like a simulant though if glass. At least I have a better Idea what it is. I knew there was no way the stone was what it was labeled as for the price. It wasn’t expensive enough to not see for myself. The video clip for the stone did show it’s color change progression but under all artificial lighting. Figured out when I got it that the color change patern was backwards. It came with a fake certificate of authenticity printed on a plastic card. Seller is TopEndGems so others can know better too.

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If the price is too good to be the natural stone, it has to be a simulant or synthetic.

also inclusions will help identify what kind of process was used to lab create it… hydrothermally grown are the most expensive of synthetics and have growth lines and inclusions that distinquish it from flux fusion and other synthetics that are cheaper to make. Fake certificates of authenticity are a fast growing problem… forged GIA certificates are the worst problem for the GIA and buyers.

If you are happy with a lab create stone, that’s really all that counts…