ID these purple gems please

ID these purple gems I’ve taken a couple out of each bag and put them in the center.

I believe there are Garnett because I checked the specific gravity and I came up with numbers in between 3.4 to 3.8 I bought a large collection of gems minerals rocks etc. In one of the boxes I found these faceted stones some of them were red garnet mostly mixtures of pyrote and almondine once I found that out I started doing more research and looking closer at the stones found out I had a couple of different colors including dark red very dark like a blackish hu, orangish red and some pinkish red I had 2 stone test it and that’s what they told me I figured the purple was amethyst but as I’m getting more knowledgeable regarding gems I wondered if they were amethyst and I figured they might not be but I could be wrong any help would be appreciated also what are the better stones the darker purple the light purple any information, thanks

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Amethyst? I am a hundred and 10% sure though in cases of large parcels like what I see in your pictures, be sure to go threw and make sure that it is all the same gem. some times other gems can get mixed up in big lots like this.
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this also looks like Zambian Amethyst not a bad find at all !!!. :star_struck:

So I ended up with about four ziplocs full of rough mostly different types of red Garnett I’ve only gone through two of the ziplocs thoroughly and I have about 10 green Garnet six yellows and about six purples and then a couple that are two colors of green and red a green and yellow that changes colors but I don’t think any of the two color stones could be cut without breaking and I also just purchased an refract index scope so using that I should be able to tell right? I spent a lot of money I had to buy the entire collection to get it so I really hope they’re not amethyst although I don’t know anything zumbain amethysts but thank you guys very much when dealing with stones for example of these purple ones is a more brilliant color always the better Stone or can the Pb4/5 I’m not sure if I did that right dark purple with a black hue be worth less than the barely purple mostly clear stones?

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I saw a lot of hydrothermal grown synthetic amethyst like this at some of the Tuscon Gem Shows this year. It is sometimes its not easy to make out the difference. But undulating growth, chevron or zigzag patterns will give the synthetics away.

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Zambian Amethyst from Africa discovered about 20 years ago, is darker purple and usually more valuable than Brazilian, which is lighter with some clear quartz in it. Personally, I like the Brazilian better because it is a bluer tone of purple. Zambian Amethyst is a redder tone purple and sometimes so dark that it looks black until it is held up to the light. There are some very complicated grading scales for Amethyst online that take in consideration the depth of color and purity of color. I don’t see anything in your picture that looks green or red, but Amethyst is sometimes heated to change color to green, and yellow to look like Citrine.

Hard to tell but my guess would be amethyst.

I personally like the Brazilian and Uruguayan amethyst tgat is found along the river. Both to me are tge nice darker color the same as tge Zambian ones ive seen.

You can find light and dark Amethyst from Brazil, but I have not seen Brazilian Amethyst that looks almost black like some of the Zambian Amethyst does. I prefer Brazilian from what I have seen because it has a bluer tone than Zambian. I only work with beads so Ken may be seeing different things in rough or facetted gems.

Could be amethyst. From the pics it looks like that to me. Although i did want to say that there is some nice dark amethyst found near the border of Uruguay which is just as nice if not nicer than Brazilian. I happen to have bith in larger stones.

That post was put up a while ago since then I’ve been studying gemology I’ve opened my own company with my wife nature’s masterpieces I did have a couple of them tested they are as in amethyst the picture has all different grades some of it would fall into the category of Siberian others de France most people refer to it as Zambian it is beautiful the 25% of that entire parcel might fall into the triple a category it is very nice purple darker with blue and red fire everyone has been impressed by the quality I hate it just because I can’t charge someone for quarts 40/50$ a ct. Even when it’s worth more it’s just something in my psychology that says if it’s quarts i can’t put it in gold I figured it was amethyst when I wrote the post I was really hoping it would end up being some of it Garnett but nope thanks guys

Amethyst and Citrine are the most valuable Quartzes. AAA Amethyst is a really nice find. Rose de France are the lighter ones. Siberian is a classification reserved for the best to the best, not necessarily coming from Siberia. Zambians are the darker ones. The highest quality ones may be higher value than Garnet, if you have a trustworthy source certifying that they are natural.

It could be. What i sell is faceted large stones that are grom either Brazil and Uruguay. I like these two cointry of origins also. The ones i stock are the beautiful royal purple color. They are the deep beautiful color high end amethyst us known for. To be jonest I’ve never seen any that are blackish. But then again when i bought my stones to sell they were through a friend that knew a lot of the miners and cutters in the industry so I knew once i saw them abd he never showed me inferior gems.

They sound beautiful. Any pics?