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I think IGS should be on LinkedIn

I think IGS should be on LinkedIn because their students could put their certifications on their profile. This will bring more reputation for IGS community.

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I agree with you. It is a very good ideal.:+1:

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Thank you for your suggestion. LinkedIn is something IGS might do in the future.

IGS Admin

I strongly agree. Additionally IGS should also finish getting its curriculum submitted to the AGA (Accredited Gemologists Association). IGS Professional Gemologists could then get their Gem Labs Accredited and listed as well.

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I agree. A LinkedIn profile is so easy to set up and could be used to promote IGS and widen the membership base. IGI, IGL, GIA and various other entities with interests in Gem are listed in LinkedIn.


Yes! It’s so easy to set up

Yes, Apart from my engineering skills I can also show off I’m a gem dealer without telling you I’m a gem dealer. Also will encourage every to take more courses

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