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I Paid 30 USD for this Tanzanite. good or bad deal?

I took this picture myself to ensure accuracy of the colours. It’s 1.8 CT. It has no scratches or damage and very little eye visible inclusions

If 30 USD is wrong I’d like to know what it may be worth. I am new to the business.

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Hi, light in colour, you would also need to check to ensure it has not been coated on the pavilion to enhance the colour which they do with Tanzanite, hard to evaluate a price but if not coated even though a lower grade of tanzanite I would think $30 was a good price


Thanks for your knowledge, Could you tell me to check if it is coated? I do not think it’s coated but I can’t be sure.

Hi go to this website it will give you a good idea


So cheap

$30.00 tanzanite? Tanzanites are very rare gems, especially since the mine in Tanzania has been depleted. It sounds too good to be true, but there are people who sell valuable things, not knowing their true worth. Who sold you this stone?

Are you sure it is an actual Tanzanite? It could be a simulant at that price point. What kind of tests did you run on it?