I need help FINDING cats eye quartz collectors

I have a cats eye quartz that’s 1,613 cts.

It comes with certificate of authenticity

Color: Brown
Cut: Single Cabochon,
Transparency: Transparent
Shape Round

A faint mobile ray visible under an overhead lamp… The Ray is actually straight, I’m not sure why it has the wavy look in the picture.

I am not on here trying to sell it, but I am trying to find the right route to go to where I can find a buyer or collector. I do not know where to start in terms of where to go, who to talk to, etc. I’d rather not go to a jewelry shop, and try to eliminate as many middle men as possible, while remaining safe as possible. I’ve searched the web, and this site, its so much information. I would appreciate a tip. Thank you.

Gem Collector -

You probably would have better luck at a rock shop or mineral show. I don’t think most jewelry shops would have much use for it, but it does have value to mineral collectors!