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I\'m new here

Hi. I\’m Elaine and I\’m new to Gemology. It\’s always fascinated me and now I\’ve got the time to learn!

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welcome Elaine, i am doing the mini courses they are a great way of learning about gems. the forum here is full of nice people who are always willing to help out with great advice and loads of information gathered over many decades. i hope you look at the mini courses once again a very warm welcome.

Hi Elaine welcome I am new to gemology as well and I just started here about a month ago. i have started the mini courses to see what it was all about and plan to finish all mini courses and move on to the certification courses. So far there is some very great informaton in here.

Hi, below is a link to my book on basic gemology. It totally free to use.
Enjoy. Adrian


Welcome to a great place to learn and discuss all things sparkly. Lol You have come to a wonderful world full of knowledgeable people that have been doing this for years and are happy to help in any way they can. We all are passionate about gemology and teaching the right way to identify the stones the we work with.
All the best in this new adventure.