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I have a.very.large and.nearly flawless.piece of utah topaz maybe 3k karats


How and where do I get this certified and.apprased in LA (SOUTH BAY)


I suggest contacting a jeweler or gemologist in your area.


Find good GIA approved appraisal company in LA, like AGINEWYORK in NYC…


As soon as I read Utah topaz, Im saying to self, a quartz, or citrine material-please give color, clarity for more info. A listing as u have put usually refers to a treated topaz, Imperial topaz is the ticket to get if u can-this is usually all natural, no treatments & not lots of the material in circulation & not too expensive if u shop-m76steve…


3k carats? 3000 carats = 600 grams = 21 ounces = 1 lb 5 ounces?
Remember-- karat is for gold, carat is for gemstones…