I have a 4,922 carat octahedral diamond rough. High quality Industrial with primarily macles.v


Last summer I was on craigslisthawaii and put an add out under the wanted section. The ad read, “looking for minerals for my nephews first rock collection” for his birthday. So, a guy answered the ad with pictures. He a large malicite and an equally large cube looking distorted/octahedral makeable. I told myself no way. In addition, he had some stone age arrow head artifacts made of diamond, a quartz with large yellow rock like inclusions and many other minerals. So, not sure really what I was buying and he didnt know much about these stones, his dad left to him. And, I bought it all, except the quartz with the approximately 7 oz of pure gold. The obvious was the gold. Not so obvious is this odd. Cube with a thick coat of, how can describe this, dirty brown motor grease. Solid, glued in to the rock in appearance. So, I was carting all these menirals up stair and dropped the cube and it chipped some of the brown away revealing a fuzzy well organized trigonic habit. I about fainted. The rest is not really knowing anything about rough diamonds or rough anything. Lava rocks yes. Im born and raised in Hawaii. Can you tell? I’ve learned a thing or two about rough diamonds. Thank you Ken Glasser for the directional math book and adore diamond tester.
Im offering part of the rough for sale. Currently, if certified would be one of the largest diamonds in the world. Im sharing my good fortune with you. This is no joke and any reasonable offer will be accepted. I have given away about 4000 carats to stranger. For the most part people were amazed. Some, looked at me like like ya right, this ugly rocks diamond? It was Christmas time.
Of funny because, and this unconfirmed, but a company out Of Israel that unveiled there latest collection of color diamonds. Those are the exact same colors I currently have. I’m not looking to step on anyone’s toes by assuming that this is the same diamonds. But if is. WOW, beutiful!!

Interesting posting. Definitely looks like INDUSTRIAL grade rough. Sells on the rough market for between $5 to $10 per carat. If you are down Vegas way, I would like to see some of your larger pieces to confirm your Identification. Michael in Las Vegas at The Diamond Grader Lab. :smiley:

Hi Michael, sorry for for the delay. I can send you samples of the rough if that will help. Let me know. 8084997549. I’m in Hawaii so I think there is three hour difference.

Hello Timothy … When you take a cheap flight from Hawaii to Las Vegas to gamble, drink, and see a couple of shows … bring a few pieces with you to my lab and I’ll confirm if your Identification is correct. My policy here is to do all testing right in front of the client. Best Regards, Michael in Las Vegas :smiley: