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I finally bought the course & some books


I am proud to say I finally bit the bullet and invested in the IGS Gemologist Course and bought two books on Amazon: “Secrets of the Gem Trade” and “Guide to Affordable Gemology,” after reading this forum and the IGS articles for some months.

As I have been adding more jewelry to my online Etsy shop, I can see how important it is to understand more about gemstones. So now I can focus on the work and wonders of learning. Thank you IGS and thanks to all the people in this forum who provide help to others. I hope I can do so soon.


Thanks for sharing and best wishes to you.

“Secrets of the Gem Trade” is one of my favorite books. It has so much practical information and information from the deep experience of the author. Very valuable.

Another valuable resource to me is the quarterly journal… “Gems and Gemology” published by the Gemological Institute of America. The current issue has a great article about the gems now coming out of Ethiopia and another about pleochroism and color-change in Alexandrite. It is always loaded with great photography of gems and their inclusions.

Good luck with your work!


Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences Hobart.


Hey Teri,
Best of luck on your course. Another invaluable book is Walter Schumann’s Gemstones of the World. It’s a great reference source, and I take mine everywhere with me.


I found the course extremely valuable - best wishes for your studies!


Thanks Alec. I have that one to help me identify gems. It is very useful.