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I am so great to be here

Hi all ,
I am very new to gem business outside of Myanmar .Can any one suggested how can I start gem business in the US .My dad can collect good quality jade , sapphire, ruby and more from Burma if I can do very well in the US market .

Good Luck! :grinning:

I know that with the current situation with mining licences in Myanmar it is very difficult to get good uncut stones for faceting. If anyone in your family has access to uncut rough you may do well selling it to American gemstone cutters.

If you do set up a shop please let us know!
I would love to have the chance to cut some Myanmar Ruby!


Thank you for your advice .I haven’t have any plan to set up a store but I will let you know if I have some uncut Ruby .
Thanks ,
Aye .

I would be interested in seeing what you have for sale. How would you ship to USA DHL in Myanmar doesnt allow gemstones to be shipped

Hi Keith ,

I live in Sunnyvale , California .I brought them back when I went back to Myanmar.

I can e mail you the pictures of the stones I have if you are interested.

Mostly I have is small size around 1 carat Spinel and some peridot and sapphire.

Thanks .

Thanks .