Hydro help!

Hi everyone,
I have two hydrogrossular that have just been cut, they are certificated but I am in a quandry in valuing them. the two stones are 11.52 carats (i don’t have the individual weight yet as they are still with the cutter. As you can see they are a little unusual as they are semi transparent. Any ideas would be welcomed… well as long as they are not painful!
If anyone is looking for a very good cutter by the way I have one. I would be happy to put you in touch just mail me on hello.2@live.co.uk and I will send you his email (he is Sri Lankan by the way). He cuts beautifully is extremeley reasonable and is a very honest guy.


The first image is a 12.75 ct hydrogrossular garnet from Afghanistan this one would sell for $40-$50 US dollars

The second (green) 8.75ct would sell for $80-$100

Hope this is helpful.

Sorry the second image is a Srilankan HG

Thank you that helps a lot.