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How to Remove Claw-Set Gems with a Pair of Nail Clippers

I thought this would be of interest to some of the members and visitors.

From the post:

"In our newest video, David demonstrates how to quickly and easily remove a claw-set gem using a simple hygiene tool you probably already have on hand!

(Click here to watch right away, or keep reading and watch the video at the end.)

As he explains in the video, nail clippers’ blades are thin and sharp enough to slide underneath the claw, and engaging the actual clipping action offers good leverage to pry the claw open with minimal effort.

As you slip the blade between the gemstone and the claw, be careful not to scratch your precious stone. Start off slowly and gently to make sure that the blade slides under smoothly.

Once the blade is under the claw, gently squeeze the nail clippers as if you are trimming a fingernail, and voila! The claw pries open and your gemstone is released."


How informative! Thanks!

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