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How to polish gems with compact discs

I watched a YouTube where a Stone was polished beginning to end using a cd or dvd as a lap - then looked online and found an article by Carl R. Downey on this identified as an IGS website but was blocked. Anyone have any experience or knowledge on using cds or dvds on softer gems?

As an IGS member, you should be able to view Downey’s article on polishing gems with CDs as long as you log in to the website with your user name and password. Try to view the article again once you log in. If you still can’t access the article, let us know.

IGS Admin

I am logged in and there is no way to log in on the website and I can’t find that article here or Carl R. Downey - the online article is an advertisement to join - but no cartouche to verify being logged in.

Thank you - found support and fixed it - great articles - does IGS have an app for their site?

We don’t currently have an app for the IGS site, but you can view the site on any mobile device.