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How to buy authentic alexandrite

I’m quite confused … Concerning alexandrite, I’ve done lots of research and can’t find answers to my specific is difficult to pr

Pure alexandrite (not heated or changed in any way) is difficult for me to find. My reading cautions against fake alexandrite on the open market. I want to buy a GIA certified alexandrite & don’t know where to look. Online EBay & other websites list for sale cheap stones, obviously not real. Please give me advice so I can buy a nice high quality alexandrite without getting scammed. Thank you all

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I’d look at, they usually have a few that are GIA certified.

I not sure if you have heard of ShopLc but they have some nice Alexderite right now. It’s not always available but just bought a nice parcel from a friend in their company I believe is how it was acquired. I have 2 from this group absolutely gorgeous. Does not however come with Certified, you can have sent off to be certified and appraised.
Everyone that has when received appraisal back it was much more than paid for it.
eBay and esty is to questionable.

I would go to a reputable vendor. Ebay???Personal opinion STAY AWAY, too risky.

Have lived and studied precious stones
in Sri Lanka many years I can offer:
Alexandrite 3.15c 50% 3.05c 100% 2.35c 70%
2.05c 70% 1.05c 50%
Green tourmaline

Peter from Sweden
Now 67 years:)
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