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How rare is rare Hauyne?


I came across a 0.74 oval cut Hauyne the other day. It is nicely cut , deep blue in color and highly included. It is transparent. I have no idea what the stone is worth but I think it’s a beautiful stone. I plan on setting it in a necklace since it is such a soft brittle stone. Does anyone have any experience with this stone?
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Pretty RARE.Usually cut for collectors.Is about 5.5 to 6 in hardness,so it doesn’t ware well in jewelry.Blue most sort after color,gets it from it’s partners Lapis Lazuli.


For hauyne, anything above .5ct is a monster. And even .5 and below is a rare find. Too small to do anything with unless the stone is nested in the center of a cluster of other larger stones to protect it, or is protected in some other way.

The ones that fluoresce orange seem to be worth slightly more.


Thanks y’all! It seems that I indeed have a real rare find then. I stumbled across a .74 Hauyne that glows so such a nice bright orange. It is a cut stone and I have found out that that is also quite rare also. I do wish I could post pictures of some of the nice rare finds that I get here and there. Some of them I have no idea quite what they are and would love some help with heading in the right direction. Back to this stone. It is a beauty and I would love to show it off. I will be having a long talk to apple support SOON!
Thanks y’all!
All the best!