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How rare is rare Hauyne?


I came across a 0.74 oval cut Hauyne the other day. It is nicely cut , deep blue in color and highly included. It is transparent. I have no idea what the stone is worth but I think it’s a beautiful stone. I plan on setting it in a necklace since it is such a soft brittle stone. Does anyone have any experience with this stone?
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Pretty RARE.Usually cut for collectors.Is about 5.5 to 6 in hardness,so it doesn’t ware well in jewelry.Blue most sort after color,gets it from it’s partners Lapis Lazuli.


For hauyne, anything above .5ct is a monster. And even .5 and below is a rare find. Too small to do anything with unless the stone is nested in the center of a cluster of other larger stones to protect it, or is protected in some other way.

The ones that fluoresce orange seem to be worth slightly more.