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How much Price of Chrysoprace Calcedony?


Hello, i have Chrysoprase rough about 3.5 kgs from Indonesia i want to sell it, but i dont know how much it price, i have the sertification for this but only a small part of it. because if i want to sertification whole of it, so expensive.

Can you help me to appraisal my Chrysoprase? thank you very much.


Hi if you had more of the transparent/Translucent green that would cab I think it would be worth a lot however with the piece you have on display most of the chrysoprase is very second grade. you may try and sell at $200 to $300 US per kilo but it is difficult to say without seeing the lot. If you had pieces that were the translucent/transparent green I would think you could go as high as $1000 US per kilo
hope this helps
regards Syd


Thank you very much Syd for your reply. My Chrysoprase is translucent/transparent green, you can see it on my attached photo below. Then, can i go as high as $1000 US per kilo like you said before?

I test it with small piece of my Chrysoprase.


Hi Rardo, only if the whole piece is that colour yes I believe so. $1000 per kilo. if you cut and cab that quality and sell it then it would sell by the carat weight. good quality cabbed is worth about $10 per carat

I was at the International Gem Fair in Thailand this year and they were selling second grade chrysoprase for $200 to $300 US


Hi Syd, can you help me one more time? where i can sell my Chrysoprase with good price? Maybe you know information where the “collector” forum or market place?

Second grade chrysoprase that sale $200 to $300 for 3.5kgs? or per kg?


Sorry Rardo cannot help you with sale I am in Australia a nod in Queensland we have some of the best chrysoprase in the world. That price for second grade was per kilo. Thanks good luck


Thank you very much Syd, i’m very appreciate it. Good luck to you!