How much an Emerald with indication of minor clarity enhancement cost?

Hello everyone,
Recently, an Emerald of 7.34 ct came into my hands. The Emerald is very clean and it is accompanied with a GIA certificate. It is natural Beryl, the origin is unknown and the only drawback is that it has undergone a minor clarity enhancement (F1). I have searched a lot on the web regarding the per carat price but I have not found anything useful. I would be very grateful if anyone could help me!
Thank you!

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It is difficult to value a stone without seeing it in person. Is color good? What is Tone? (How light/dark). Shop around and see prices of comparable stones. Not in online stores (like NYGems for instance) with prices born in narcotic hallucinations. Some stones on GemRock can give you an idea.

The problem is that I cannot draw a conclusion regarding the price for such a big gemstone because on the web the most gemstones that are for sale range between 1 to 4 carats. The trader who brought me the gemstone have told me that the stone is untreated. However, it has a minor clarity enhancement, it weights 7.34 ct, the cut is good, there are some fissures and minute inclusions inside the stone that are visible only under 10X and the color is vivid green like the first grade “Colombians”. I have not bought it but I am considering to try to sell it for him and I would like to know if it worths to try. Thank you for your help.

How light/dark is it? Did the trader tell his opinion about the price and/or how much s/he wants?

The saturation is medium to dark. The trader asks 10000$(1364$ per ct) but I think that the price is too high.

Do you know what was done ? Oil could be a minor enhancement ( as I am sure you know ). You seem comfortable at this price level so if the price of this stone seems high to you it may just be to high. If you do try to sell it you need to know every thing to do with that stone

I buy emerald from Punisher Afghanistan and Africa. So i would say it will be $200/C in perfect market it can be more. Depends what are your going to do with it.

“Minor” is the lowest level of enhancement except for the few labs who use the term “insignificant”". The higher the quality the more important levels of enhancement become. For example in top quality emerald, the difference between “minor” enhancement and no enhancement or “none” may effectively double the price. Some labs appear to call “minor” any residue of oil or any other foreign substance, while others use the term only if this tiny residue has an impact on the gem’s visual apppearence. In very high quality gems, “minor” enhancement may be a residue of oiling that can become “none” by having the gem cleaned.