How i became an amiture gemologist

Heres one of Those trigger warnings


Still here??

Ok so my past is a really fucking sad disgusting thing so i don’t need to tell stories most people can’t hear.

Long story short, I’m a gamer. Can I call my mother my spawn point? She is simply where I came into this world nothing more.

I am also a Woman and I am of strong emotion and pride. But I Was born in 1981. My father was dead 10 weeks later

I was abandoned for 2 years.
And then abused by her for another 39 years.
Along with a way, there was heroes few and far between.

But the grayest of white knights.
He died trying to save me.

The good Queen had gone crazy.
And he was on the sacrificial block.

Because he had become king.
And this king had his time on the throne.

He ammast riches at the cost of his body and his soul.
But nothing that he sacrificed could save that little princess.

But what he gave her was better than gold.
It’s a riches of wonderous memories.
And tiny treasures untold.

In small boxes beside his ashes.
That her eyes now do behold.

Me step father passed. I got his collection …

He had a problem for a few years fell in love with gems and home shopping. …

My spawn point said flip them send me the cash tanzanite in a safe at least 25 years…

So i got his collection and tools … of questionable accuracy…

A am chronically ill and disabled i am fine.
So i dedicated all of them to my non profit.

I dont want to make money but i have a weird collection turned passion.

All my profits go toward establishing and supporting my non profits dedicated to ending narcissistic abuse child abuse and neglect.

Btw … i remember my younger days now… it was always my favorite ology. Now i live in a weird geological mess of confusion. (York, Pennsylvania) and nothing in my ground makes sense according to “experts”

Any advice or guidance or friends are welcome.

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Our journey through this world is full those things that challenge us to become better. To give others encouragement to take that step forward. You have been given a gift and now you are helping others to do the same through your non-profit organization. That is a noble legacy.

Everyone here in this group has walked their own path, ultimately developing a passion for those colorful sparkly and shiny stones offered from the Earth. We learn how they were created, how to identify them, cut them into gems and cabochons, and most importantly, to pass along that knowledge to others.

The term “amateur” is at best, a label imposed on those beginning their journey to become an expert.

IGS was founded for that purpose and I am glad to be here!

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Thank you for this yor words moved me to gappy tears of appreciation.