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How do Tsavorites and Demantoids compare from a "performance" perspective?

Hello everyone. I’ve recently widened my interests from sapphires and rubies to other coloured gems and began using these stones to have jewelry created of them. I came across a seller who had sets of 3mm Russian Demantoids for sale at $180/set, but only a few sets were available. At the time I was interested in creating a tennis bracelet of these stones so to only have a few at a rather high price didn’t seem like a good start. I didn’t end up buying any, though in hindsight I should have because I was just so attracted to them and thought they had the most brilliant green I’d ever seen. From a financial point of view it just makes more sense to use Tsavorites as an alternative, but from what I can tell they don’t offer the same light refraction or hue that caught my attention when looking at the Demantoids.

I’m just wondering if anyone here has ever been in a similar position comparing these two stones and decided to opt one way or the other and for what reasons. Any input is appreciated.

If you compare the RI and dispersion of demantoid vs tsavorite, it is obvious that the demantoid is going to be brighter and have more dispersive fire. The problem, as you note, is that it is hard to find, expensive and very hard to find in prime color. I have seen images of demantoid for sale that is too dark and muddy to take advantage of its high RI and dispersion. Tsavorite is much easier to find in prime green color. It is still a bright stone, so it is a good choice, too.

The question would be what use you are putting the tennis bracelet to…if you are selling, then you would need to have a market for a high dollar bracelet if you are going to choose demantoid. If it is for yourself, then the question is how high do you want to go in price for some almost-intangibles like greater brightness and fire. -royjohn