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How could you not call this spessartite a Fanta garnet?!?!?!?

Here’s a pic of my profile Fanta garnet next to a picture of American Fanta(I’m aware that other countries have their Fanta more yellow). The seller which I brought this from said it’s from Namibia but knowing spessartites history and the price I bought this at it is safe to assume that this might be from Nigeria or elsewhere, still one of my absolute favorite gems of all time tho as I love this color since nothing can really compare to spessartites beauty alongside the finest madiera citrines and orange sapphires.
spessartite garnet


Yes, very fanta. I have what I like to call a fanta Sapphire (yes, I know it’s a ‘fancy’ sapphire)…I love that colour. Gorgeous stone you have there :))