How common is this Sapphire colouring

Hi all, Purchased this heat treated Sapphire recently because I had not seen this type of colour variation within a Gem. Are these common or is this the result of a heat infusion process? Please share your knowledge. Cheers

Hi just wondering if you have tested the gem to ensure it is sapphire??? if it is actually a sapphire it could be East African a small percentage of untreated african sapphires are mauve/purple in colour??? just my thoughts

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HI Sydp, Thanks for your input, I have tested SP, RI and hardness as well as a pass on my calibrated Presidium Professional Gen tester. All tests say Sapphire.
Have made a few nice pieces with mauve/purple sapphires for ladies who love the colour Purple.
The variation of colours in this stone are what struck me, but I’m no expert and was wondering if it’s common to see, so out it out there for more experienced guys and gals to educate me. cheers

Try looking up Winza Sapphire it could be one of those. :thinking:

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Hi PL01, Thanks for the tip, I have been looking at Umba Valley sapphires and as you suggested. I have see similar examples, thanks for taking the time. Cheers

It’s a “parti” sapphire. Very hot on the design scene presently.

I love that color combo, and it is definitely not common! Also i cant think of any treatment to cause that pattern and color. What size is the stone?

Hi GeneK19588, Thanks for your input and interest.
It’s 7.4ct approx 10mm across.

Wow! Very sizeable stone! And so clean. May i inquire what you paid for a piece like that?

Hi I must admit more than I have paid for a Sapphire prior to this one. IGS have colour change sapphires $300 to $5000per ct which is not a helpful given the massive range.

I have never seen a sapphire like that either. No, it is not common. I am a current gemology student, so I am learning. It is odd that all those particular colors are together in a sapphire. Frankly, it looks unreal. You said it was heated. It looks like more was done. Do you have photos of other sapphires from the Umba Valley in Tanzania? Love to see more examples. Also, I read on Wikipedia, " As of November 2006, the Tanzanian government prohibits exports of these sapphires."