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How can i upgrade my video

hello everyone

I would like to know how to improve my videos. I would like to use these videos to present my gems on my sales site in the future, what do you think?

Thanks for your help

I can make a few suggestions…not a bad type of vid for selling colored stones, could be a little sharper. If you are not using some kind of tabletop tripod, you might try that. I assume you are using a cell phone. There are macro lenses with ring lights available on ebay, and you might try one of those. Then as a gemologist/gem cutter, I would want to see the gem face on, so your camera angle is a little off in your example. I’d want to see the color and whether there is any windowing when the stone comes round to the camera lens axis being exactly perpendicular to the stone’s table. The video is the teaser, but I guess you know you have to give a description with dimensions,weight and a clarity designation.

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Thanks you for your help! yes i put many other information in my product page. i order a gem zoom u ,I hope is help me and i take all your advise in note when i have my order i post another link you can see the ugrade. Thank you again for the time you take too help me

Hi here is the link of my video with gem zoom u i think is very better! Only think i not clean thestone before make the test

Something i can improve ?

Thanks for your help!

That is a very nice video, acceptably sharp and the stone is face up to the viewer when the table is in full view. One thing I missed on my first comment. Your background has some slight color to it on my monitor…it’s a little bit lavender. Based on comments on sales pages for gem rough, people don’t take kindly to this, esp. when the stone is light colored and near the same hue as the background color…they think you are trying to distort the color of your stone. I think it you can play with the white balance of your camera and the light source you are using, you can get much closer to pure white. Then you can work on getting the image razor sharp, if any tweaking of that is possible. Hope this is helpful.

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Oo yes i see what you talk about background i just set phone at the same temperture of lamp but is not work well thebest i can make is this

For the shaking is the issus with the turnable table i need fix it

Another question for you is the price of this stone is a tanzanit

Color name from World of color is for me light violetish blue

Tanzanite is cat 1 so i see inclusion in table so i cat it highly include

Some zoning apear

Size is 8 mm X 4.8 MM X 3.3 mm

Weight 0.98 carat

I not use the price guide here because is not fit with my color guid and i not like how is build but is not the discution here the thing i’m not sure is after i enter all the value the reselle price i found is 222 usd can you please say me is this price is good or i’m not in range of the market?

Thank you so mutch for your help