How can I check this gemstone?

Hello, I bought this ring and I want to know if it’s an almandine or spinel, or whatever stone it can be, can someone guide me through the process? I am kinda new into gemworld RI is 1.77 approximate

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Did you derive the RI from an instrument of your own or the RI was estimated by the seller? The word “approximate” leaves it open to anything between Garnet to Augite to Sapphire without further lab work. It’s a pretty piece.

Hey, thank you for the answer, I measured it. I will measure it again tomorrow to see it exactly. Coming back with an answer

It’s not birefringent, forgot to say

If this is a singly refractive gem with an RI of 1.770 it is most likely a Pyrope-Alamandine blend.

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Looks more like Rhodolite Garnet colour

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I agree with Khusroa17257 and Gemmologist1. This looks more like Garnet than the other gems that would have red color. Garnets seem to have a sort of oil slick appearance, and I don’t mean they have been oiled, and this color could be described as Rhodolite or Pyrope-Almandine blend, which is what Rhodolite is.

Thank you very much!

It’s a beautiful ring. Have you determined what the small stones are? Diamond? CZ? other clear stone? That would affect the value also. Does it have a mark on it that specifies the gold content? 22K? 18 K? 14K? The gold content in older jewelry is higher than most that is made today.

It’s 585, not diamonds, they’re too small to check them actually. My problem was just about the gemstone, because I am learning now how to check them :blush:

I’m just a novice (basically don’t know a thing LOL). But I have several loose faceted Garnets that look exactly like the stone you have in your ring. Garnets were used in a lot of older jewelry because they looked like Ruby. Do not know your stone is. Just putting my 2 cents worth in. To me it looks like a Garnet.