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History of precious gems and synthetics


Can anyone refer me to a good historical overview of the precious gem market (mainly interested in the ruby, sapphire, emerald market) and how the development of synthetics impacted that?

Ideally an overview that gives an indication of:

  • the size of the market,
  • how it was developing,
  • when synthetics were introduced and
  • when they became commercial,
  • how they impacted the naturals market,
  • commentary/insights into this and
  • what might have influenced how the market developed and what the status is today.

Any references that can help answer some of these questions greatly appreciated.

Thank you


Hi, Great questions. Some of that if not all are in the articles and the certification class here at IGS. I also did the GIA courses for AJP and Colored Stones and most of that is there too. Hope you can find what you need.