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History of Flux in rubies?

Anyone know anything about who figured out Flux filling rubies and when?

Any information on the precise process?

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I just recently came across this article about flux filling, I think it has the information you’re wanting.

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Google Auguste Verneuil. 1800’s.

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You might find this link helpful.

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Thanks Brandy & Hobart, I love the story Richard Hughes tells about it being too controversial to print!

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You might want to view the recent GIA Webinar.
October 15, 2020 | Furnaces, Fluxes and Filling: A Review of Ruby Treatment

Richard Hughes articles are indeed excellent. Here are some more you will find of interest:

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Verneuil aka flame fusion synthetic rubies are occasionally quench crackled and then heated with borax flux to imitate inclusions similar to those found in natural rubies. The vast majority of flux filled rubies on the market today are treated natural rough from Burma, Mozambique and Greenland.