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High quality gemstone beads

Hello! can anyone recommend a vendor that can supply high quality gemstone beads? Your input would be appreciated! Coleen

I am Stacy with GemArt Supply, Inc. I can supply you with high quality gemstone beads. I need to know what type of gemstones you would like, along with the size and shape of the gemstones. I’ll also need to know how many strands of beads you’d like. You can reach me by phone at +1-864-881-8870 or by email at

I look forward to hearing from you soon,

Hi Stacy, thank you for sharing this information. I’ll look at the website and be certain to email with with my order. Best regards, Coleen

There are several that have what you are looking for…

and one of the most complete sites for natural and synthetic gems and jewelry supplies;;

Happy jewelry making!!

Hi Coleen
Beads of Cambay have a huge selection, have a look at their web site

Hi Graeme, thanks for the suggestion, the beads are lovely! Best! Coleen